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The Cephalopod Coffeehouse: July 2014 Blog List

The Cephalopod Coffeehouse: July 2014 Blog List


Welcome to Life of a Writer.

Have you ever met someone who barely sits still long enough for a coffee and chat? Well, that’s me. As a result I seldom have time for recreational reading. But I do love to read. The consequences of my go-go life is that when I do read, the book must be incredibly good.

I have a wide variety of genre interests, including non-fiction. Basically I’m tough to please.…

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a picture is worth derek gores1


On the third week of each month writers post to a prompt.

What fun. I’ve discovered another blogger, Denise Covey, who is maybe, just maybe, as crazy about writing as I am. She hosts WEP: write, edit, publish blog hop: Visit other bloggers showing an image that inspired their writing. July’s theme is “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

I’m new on this hop. It looks like so…

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You get something wonderful, I get something valuable.

You get something wonderful, I get something valuable.

The Guardian's Wildchild cover_450x679Book reviews are valuable. They affect my book’s raking on Amazon. Reviews play a role when readers are looking for the next great read. And, a rating of 4 or 5 stars makes me dizzy with delight. Three’s are even okay. Two’s? Groan!!! A rating of one? Don’t even get me started on that!

Here’s the deal, folks. I’m a generous soul and I also don’t expect to get something for nothing. In exchange…

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I didn't expect that bullet.

How much should an author bow to a professional’s advice?

Hit me with your best shot. Fire away!

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I didn’t expect that bullet.

I didn’t expect that bullet.

Here’s the deal. Writers, authors, artists, sculptors, musicians, singers – all lay their heart out there on the book shelf, stage or gallery. Bare, exposed, vulnerable. It’s a package deal. Unless you put on your big girl panties and deliver the goods, you’re just another wannabee.

The author’s first shock is the realization that even though your mother thinks you’ve produced the award winning…

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Read "Forbidden - Mayor Aamir Captures Eliza MacKay"

Let me know if you enjoyed this snippet. Thank you

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I'm so lonesome, I could cry

No one is here to see the magic. No one is here to see me weep. No one is here to see my body tremble with desire. No one is here to see me prostrate my body to the muse and grovel for more.

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The Scheming Muse Does It Again!

Have you ever had camera issues that made you want to bang your head on a rock? Ugh!

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The Scheming Muse Does It Again!

The Scheming Muse Does It Again!


This is Jasper, walking the trails in Jasper, Alberta.

How many of you bought a fantastic new camera and couldn’t wait to use it? Recently I purchased a Nikon. It had all the right bells and whistles for me to exercise my photographing urges. I read the manual and got up close and intimately familiar with its buttons and settings.

Today I made time to take Sammy Bo Jangles to Chickakoo, a…

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